This year’s AniMatsuri vendor tables have been upgraded in name and in game – a Japanese market open to public will take place on the 1st floor of Tasku Centre! Invite your family and friends to check what the vendors have in store!

The Japanese market is officially open from 11 to 18 but the vendors can open early and stay open late.

Scroll down for even more fun activities taking place outside the AniMatsuri venue. has been to AniMatsuri before and we’re glad to have them again this year. is an online anime store from Lithuania that first opened its doors in 2008. They offer accessories, anime posters, DVDs and mementos.


MoMo is a Japanese food and grocery shop that lets you enrich your cuisine with new tastes. The Tallinn-based food shop offers over 200 different products that cater to Japanese palates. MoMo’s vendor booth at this year’s AniMatsuri will feature refreshing Japanese soft drinks and exciting snacks.


The anime shop AniPopGam is back at this year’s AniMatsuri. Their booth will have something for you to hug and to nom. AniPopGam offers a huge selection of different animal plushies, large and small. It will also provide various Japanese snacks.


This Polish anime shop is coming all the way to AniMatsuri to introduce its selection of goods. They are bringing various anime posters, T-shirts, charms, and lots of other stuff. Komikslandia is the biggest and most famous anime shop in Poland.

Loov Galerii

‘we LOOV art’ is a brand that unites artistic outlets – jewelry and design, the organizing of exhibitions, workshops and even bigger events. They will come to AniMatsuri to sell origami jewelry.


Anime-san is the largest anime store in Latvia. You can buy your favorite characters as both big and small figurines. T-shirts, bags, wallets, towels with anime characters. Mouse pads, play mats, posters, badges and mugs. Also jewellery (key chains, necklaces, rings). Manga and anime DVDs in different languages. Several games with anime characters (Weiß Schwarz, Queen’s Blade: Duel and others).

Level 1

For years has worked to ensure that the quality of covering video games in our native language is as high as possible. But why only stick to pixels on a screen if we could express our love in the real world as well? This is why The Locker (Laegas) was born – an e-store cherishing the video game and geek culture that will be forcing its way to the real world at AniMatsuri. Come and open the Locker, browse a bit, and show everyone how much you love video games!

On the 2nd floor of Tasku Centre you can find two cool activities to take part in.

Brain Games

The tabletop game store Brain Games will set up with a selection of games you can try, so bring a friend or a parent for a fun board game day!

Drink & Draw

On Saturday, September 28 from 13:00 to 16:00 you will have the chance to grab a pencil and some paper, sit down, and draw cosplayers who will be posing for you. And if you are in a costume too, why not volunteer?